A big team of dentists and assistants

Foto de Chelo

I was born in Loja and finished Odontology in Granada in 2000. In 2002 I came to Marbella because I have always wanted to live near the sea, and after some time working and learning from others, in 2006 I decided to open my own clinic to apply the model of work which I feel identificated myself with. Today we are a stable team of three odontologist specialised in differents fields to offer integral service and three assistants, that apart from being good partners, are great professionals.

  • Licenciada en Odontología por la Universidad de Granada (2000).
  • Tesina de Licenciatura en Odontología (2000).
  • Doctorado en Odontología. Departamento de Cirugía Bucal y Maxilofacial de Granada (2000/2002).
  • Master de Implantología Oral y Prótesis sobre implantes. Eckermann Laboratorium (2003-2005).
  • Curso de formación continuada en Periodoncia e Implantología. Gestoma (2005).
  • Curso de formación continuada en Endodoncia clínica. Dr. Carlos Stambolsky Guelfand (2006-2007).
  • Postgrado Ortodoncia clínica. Nivel superior (1º y 2º Nivel). Dra. Beatriz Muñiz, EOP (2009-2012).
  • Curso de Ortodoncia Precoz (2013).
Foto de Lola

I’m from Marbella, I studied Odontology in Madrid, in Alfonso X El Sabio. After of five intensive years, I felt the need of going away from the big city and decided to come back home. I met Chelo when I was working in another clinic and when she suggested me to join her team, I didn’t have any doubt, Yes!! Nowaday I’m very gratefully and thanks to Chelo I have personally progressed both professionally and It’s great luck for me. I’m very lucky to develop mu profession in a relax atmosphere and surrounded by friends.

  • Licenciada en Odontología por la Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (2011).
  • Master en Rehabilitación oral y Estética. Universidad de Almería (2014).
Foto de Concha

I was born in Huelva and went to Madrid to study my career (Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio) that I finished in 2001. The endodontia’s speciality I studied in Madrid, but the destiny brought me to Marbella, where I met my friend and partner os career Lola Navarro, who I share working days with in this clinic. Her company is one of the many reasons because coming to work every day is pleasant.

  • Licenciada en Odontología por la Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (2011).
  • Posgrado en Endodoncia Avanzada. IESO MADRID (2012).
  • Experto en Odontología Conservadora y Endodoncia. Universidad de Sevilla (2013).
  • Diploma en Estética Dental. Universidad de Sevilla (2013).
Foto de Cristabel

I lived my childhood in Madrid and when I was sixteen years old I came to live to the south. I started my studies in Huesca, and I finished in Málaga in 2007. Since them, Chelo’s clinic has been my first destiny and where I have trained professionally. Here I feel like at home.

  • Auxiliar de Enfermería IES Victoria Kent y Clínica Dental.
  • Curso de 100 horas de Cirugía Oral e Implantología.
  • 1er Simposio Dentaid: Resolución de casos clínicos y prácticas de laboratorio.
  • Curso de Higiene Bucodental.
Foto de Lidia

I was been and grew up in Antequera, and when I was 21 years old I came to live to Marbella in search of a job. After a few professional experiences, in April 2011 I became stable in this clinic, where they put up with me great pleasure.

  • Auxiliar de Enfermería en IES Los Colegiales de Antequera (1999).
  • Cerámicas mecanizadas Vita con sistema CAD-CAM (2008).
  • Curso de Higiene Bucodental (preparación para pruebas libres) en Sanitex Galicia (2009).
  • El papel del Higienista en la periodoncia. Aula Dentaid (2009).
  • Manejo psicológico del paciente conflictivo (2011).
  • Curso de Community Management y redes sociales con Rosa Belén Castaño (2014).
Foto de Karina

I was born in Antequera, finished the degree of Nursing Assistant in 2009 at the Los Colegiales institute and did my internship at the Antequera Regional Hospital and the Quirón Hospital.

I always liked the health care but I was focused on the hospital sector and the home help.

Until I decided to change the area and I had the good luck to start a new stage in this dental clinic. Thanks to my colleagues help today I know that this one is the work that motivates me and that I always wanted.

  • Ciclo formativo Grado Medio Cuidados Auxiliares de Enfermería.
  • Certificado en prácticas en ayuda a personas con Alzheimer.
  • Técnico en apoyo psicosocial a personas dependientes.
Foto de Cintia

I was born in a small town in Cádiz, but when I was 8 my parents decided to live in Marbella. I finished my studies here.

In 2007 I decided to be a Dental Assistant because I always liked the health area. Since I finished my studies I have been working in dental clinics, I have an experience of 8 years and at the same time I decided to continue training in this sector.

I met the clinic thanks to a colleague with whom I worked, and we can say that today we form a great team.

  • Ciclo formativo Auxiliar de Odontología.
  • Diploma por la finalización del curso de Fisiología y anatomía Bucodental.
  • Curso de Organización de la consulta y criterios de organización.
  • Actualizaciones en Higiene Bucodental.
  • Congreso de Ortodoncia SEDO 2017.
Foto de Antonio

I was born in Malaga and from a very young age I wanted to study dentistry. I was lucky to enter and study in Santiago de Compostela 2 years and 3 years in Granada. After the faculty time, I did a master´s degree in implantology in Madrid, given by Strauman in the year 2000-2001. Afterwards there were many symposiums, congresses, training courses, ... A few years ago I met Chelo during a visit to an implant factory and here I am some time later. Another of my great hobbies is sport, doing marathons and triathlons when I can.

  • Currently I do private practice in my clinic in Malaga, I collaborate with the Gonzalez-Font clinic doing implantology and general dentistry, and with Chelo as an implantologist.