Different treatments and a good treat

Preserving and restoring dentistry
This is the branch of dentistry which deals with tooth conservation, trying to avoid extractions through the treatment of caries (fillings), reconstructions and the substitution of old fillings by the replacement of more aesthetic ones. The appearance of caries is also avoided using other treatments as cleaning, (fluoride varnish, fissure sealants as preventive measure), etc.
Child dentistry
Habits of dental hygiene and healthy diet must be installed in childhood, to guarantee a healthy future. The health of teeth during childhood is very important because any untreated alteration in temporary pieces/milk teeth could have a negative influence on the (permanent teeth)
Root canal treatment
When the caries is very deep, it can affect the tooth nerve, producing in most cases acute pain, and even bone infection. The treatment consists of the removal of the affected nerve tissue and refilling it to avoid germs entering. We work with a rotating instrument.
Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of every periodontal disease (illnesses related to gums and alveolar bones). These diseases are gingivitis (gum inflammation and bleeding) and periodontitis (when bone destruction occurs). Treatments consist of the correction of dental hygiene to control plaque and the elimination of the factors that produce it (plaque, tooth calculus and periodontal pocket).
Dental surgery
When there are no other options, it will be necessary to remove the tooth. Frequently, patients are afraid of extractions: but due to the efficiency of local anaesthetics, extractions can be carried out without any pain nor feeling of discomfort.
Dental prosthetics
By means of these prosthetics, deteriorated or lost teeth can be substituted with the same aspect, resistance and functionality as the original pieces. We offer our patients different possibilities: removable resin/metal prosthesis (also known as dentures); fixed/permanent prosthetics (porcelain/metal crowns or caps that are adhered to the teeth); and mixed prosthetics or supported by implants.
Dental aesthetics
Physical appearance is very important in society nowadays, therefore dentistry has, as one of its aims, the improvement of the appareance of the teeth. Our patients can chose from a wide range of options, from whitening treatments to porcelain veneer.
Implants consist on the substitution of the root of a lost tooth. Bio-compatible materials are used (titanium), so they will not be rejected. With such minimally invasive techniques, gums do not have to be separated to lodge the implant; and neither scalpel nor stitches are used.
With orthodontic appliances (train tracks), teeth are aligned, biting problems are resolved as well as the development of jawbones. Face proportions are improved.